CEO Geetings

Hello? I am Shin Seung Yoon, 

 representative of the Seongwhawon. 

It has been 2 years since I started the Seongwhawon, belatedly I am going to introduce you about the Seongwhawon.


When family members completed the life on ground, they will go on a heavenly path, and we mostly face on problems such as a lack of understanding for the funeral procedures, excessive costs, necessary things, and so on.

 That is why I started the Seongwhaon to support you from such problems. 

The Seonghwawon produces and supplies the necessary supplies for the Seongwha ceremony in Korea, 

and the quality of the supplies have been satisfied by the families. In addition, 

by establishing 8 branch offices in Korea nationwide, we conduct the consultation in the shortest time possible with prompt and satisfied progress. 

If you would like to buy our supplies which you need only, you can purchase it through online regardless our members or not. 

If you hope to receive a counseling, please call customer center even if you are not our members. We are always welcome to hear from you any questions. 

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you and your family members for your rebuke and love, 

and I will do my best to correct any problems 

and suggestions and suggestions you posted on the bulletin board. 

Thank you very much.

May 15 th, 2018 

Seongwhawon CEO, Sin Seung Yun