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Seongwha shopping

1. It's convenient to shop in advance.

2. The shipping fee will be charged to the receiver.

3. Please note how to handle the Cinerary urn, nevertheless it will be delivered     with special packaging for damage protection.

4. Seonwha items will be discounted if you were our members.

What is a Seongwha Ceremony?

The Seongwha ceremony is a three-day spiritual journey to the spiritual world.


Seongwha ceremony procedures

There is a sequence of actions you need to take to resolve a progress issue. We are guiding you the process how to perform the certain tasks and what you have to be care of.



Company organization

We, the Seonwhawon is an agency, who provides an assistance service for a funeral with our network throughout the country and guides you how to hold the process.


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