What is a Seongwha Ceremony?

I will explain you in detail everything you need for the Seongwha Ceremony.

In principle, the world (earth world) is a place of life as a growth process necessary for the plants to bud, blossom, bloom and fruit to be ripe, and once the fruit is ripe, they go to be preserved. 

Our life also is the same. The place, where people will be transferred after passed away, is the celestial heaven. 

Therefore, the ultimate destination of man is heaven, and the celestial heaven is a place, where our body will be returned as a world of eternal joy and happiness, which our parents have prepared from the beginning and never die. 

We live in there happily forever. Thus, for us who are confident the eternal life in a spiritual world, the SEONGWHA is not a ceremony of grieving, worrying and distressing. It is a new birth being eternal life with joy in a new world. 

 The celestial world is not only higher than the earth world in dimension, but also the world of the soul so that we see the SEONGWHA as a sacred ceremony for returning to the holy world. In this sense, it is called 'Seonhwa' and the ceremony means sanctification. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t think about the Seongwha as a dark and soulless ceremony. 

You have to understand that the Seongwha is more beautiful sacred ceremony.